Drinking is one of the various ways of life. Every living creature drinks liquids to survive. Humans drinks water to sustain life in the body, animals drinks water to also sustain life in their body, plants also tap water through their roots to be able to grow well, etc. but specifically in humans, we do not only drink just water but so many other things that are liquid for one reason or the other. Drinks are of many types and serve for so many purposes. For example in my culture, giving a cup of water to a visitor to drink shows a symbol of welcome and acceptance of the visitor to your home and also, giving a cold bottle of soft drink also shows a welcome appreciation.

Drinking is part of life for every living thing because we must drink something in a liquid form everyday as long as we are living. We drink either liquids or another kind of liquid substance either for the good of our body or for the gradual devastation of our body. Yes I said for the good or devastation of our body because there are several types of liquids that are available on earth and all are not for drinking. These liquids may include water, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, chemicals, etc. these various kinds of liquids serve various purposes; like water serve all purpose because it is widely used both by living things. Soft drinks are meant for human refreshment in times of relaxation, party and for fun. Soft drinks are made in such a way that it does not intoxicate but due to the fact that “excess of every thing is bad”, when soft drinks are taken in excess can still result to some problem like diabetes in the human body and this is because of the sugar and other chemical contents used in the production of some soft drinks.

Also, alcoholic drinks are also drinks that are used by human during relaxation, party and for fun. It intoxicates when taken in excess but in our society today it is seen as the category of drinks that if taken at excess with the ability to still stand strong makes or proves a real man. Hence many in the process have been sent to their early grave while it was not yet time for their death. Peer groups in the society, colleagues at work places, and course mates at colleges with wrong knowledge of the use of alcoholic drinks have sent many to their early graves in one way or the other. Alcoholic drinks were made mainly for people that stay in a cold temperature region so that when taken will keep their body worm and the cold environment will not disturb them much but today, due to migration of people from one country to another, strong alcoholic drinks that were made for the use of people in low temperature regions have been moved to people in high temperature region without also conveying the aim of the production of strong alcoholic drinks to the people in the high temperature region.

Now, people take alcoholic without reason as such it destroys their body system faster than normal. I lost my father at as a teenager because of two things. One because he was too proud to take advice from his wife and son; secondly because he could not control his emotion. My late father has so many friends that loved drinking every blessed day and that made him loved drinking. I and my mother noticed it on time and told to stop but he said it was because of his friends that he always goes out with then we told to stop drinking outside but feel free to drink at home. He agreed and stopped drinking for sometime but because he could not control his emotion he followed his friend to the drinking bar on the 20th of May 2003 to drink. After drinking that day night with his usual high blood pressure because he was thinking too much that period, the following morning which was on 21st May, 2003 I tried waking him up from bed so he could go and take his bath but he could not we rushed him to the hospital for check-up and treatment but by 10pm that same day he died. It was a great shock on all his friends and my family. His best friend could not branch any drinking bar for two good months after he heard of my late fathers death but because he was addicted to drinking alcoholic drinks, he finally got himself back into it.


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